Strategies for Lowering Investment Taxes

Tax Strategies for investors

Choosing investments with built-in tax efficiencies helps you minimize returns lost to taxes. We recommend using EFTs as a foundation in most portfolios for the tax advantage. Due to the way the transactions settle, you can usually avoid triggering Capital Gains.

Tax Strategies by Virtual Tax Accountants

Look for Opportunities to Offset Gains

  1.    You’re only taxed on net capital gains, so any realized losses can help lower your tax bill.
  2. If you know you’re going to have realized gains, look for opportunities to realize losses and offset them. 
  3. For example, if you have shares of stocks that have lost value since you purchased them, you may consider selling them.
                    This is a Strategy known as “Tax Loss Harvesting.”
Tax Strategies to Lower Investment Tax
Tax Strategies to Lower Investment Tax

Divide assets among the right types to hold your investments.

Taxable accounts should hold tax‑efficient assets like:
Index mutual funds
Index ETFs
Tax-exempt bonds

Nontaxable accounts should hold less tax‑efficient assets like:
Actively managed mutual funds
Taxable bonds

Tax Strategies to Lower Investment Tax

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