Taxpayers should look out for these signs that a criminal stole your personal information

With the rising rates of data theft, be on the lookout for these signs your personal information has been compromised. In the event you are a victim of identity theft, special precautions must be observed to protect your security.

Here are some warnings of data theft as it relates to your income taxes:

-You attempt to process your tax return electronically and it is rejected by the IRS

-You have not filed tax returns but receive taxpayer authentication letters from the IRS

-You have not filed a tax return but received a tax refund

-You receive an IRS notice that an online account was created in your name

-You receive tax transcripts in the mail without requesting it

Ensure that your Accountant or Tax Professional has enacted a security plan to protect your client data.

When submitting information to your tax professional, always ensure that it is on a secure medium. Never allow your tax return to be sent through an email without encryption or through regular post mail. This goes for any document with your secure information on it.

If you believe you may be a victim of identity theft, you can request a protection pin from the IRS.

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