Welcome back readers! This post is all about why it is better to use a trained tax professional to do your taxes as opposed to doing them yourself on Turbo Tax or another similar platform. We’ll get into all of the important details down below but if you are interested in watching our video on the subject then please hit the play button. Otherwise keep on reading for some truly valuable information.


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Why Should You Avoid Turbo Tax This Year?

We have had a lot of our clients, and potential clients, talk about Turbo Tax and why they like it. Specifically things like their Q&A (Question & Answer) platform. And while this setup has the potential of working pretty well, it’s caused some problems this year for a lot of people because there have been a number of changes due to the new tax reform.

At this time it’s imperative that you have a qualified tax professional who can clearly explain to you the changes taking place so that you can ensure you are filing an accurate tax return. Any missteps can lead to delays if you are expecting a refund, or the potential for an audit as well if something is amiss.

An example of this is in relation to Form 2106 which is used for reimbursing employee business expenses. Essentially, because of the new tax changes a number of professions are no longer able to use this form to get these tax deductions. Now only certain professions, such as Army Reservists and qualified performing artists can receive this deduction where before other professions, such as nurses used to be able to.

It can only behoove you to make sure you are on the right track when filing your taxes to avoid any missteps with the government and reprecussions that may follow. You could end up having to repay a tax refund you receive now a couple years down the road- and with interest to boot.

If you are unsure about if the new tax changes will affect you, or if you would like a tax consultation or quote, please click the button below and let us help you!